Fully truly custom

The power of your brand, the power of our technology. Customize your i-b card and make your first impression stand out. You can customize both the front and back of this card with full color of your brand.

With a dynamic QR code on the back, this premium polyvinyl card can be scanned instantly. It comes with built-in I-B card (NFC) technology and a dynamic QR code on the back.

You can update our QR codes at any time and they will never expire. Using an I-B card is the best way to share with anyone, because it can be scanned or tapped an unlimited number of times.


Fully truly custom


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What i-b card profile includes?
· Virtual card holder · Share back function · Company portal · Unlimited profile editing · Lead generation
Share limitless business & social information in second!
Ib card instantly share anything: Contacts, Photos, Social networks, Applications, Websites and content, YouTube videos, Special Offers ...and more
How it works?
How it works check it here: https://www.ibcard.info/how-it-works/
Compatibility with android and IOS
i-b card smart devices allow you to tap iPhone XR, iPhone XS, all iPhones 11s, all iPhones 12s, all iPhones 13s, all iPhones 14s and most Androids.

Compatible with iOS

Compatible with Android

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