i-b Hub

The i-b HUB display is a standing display that measures
25 x 18 cm and can be located anywhere in your business.

The i-b HUB display is made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic and features a large, fully tappable surface and a large QR code for easy scanning.


With just a tap or scan, your i-b HUB Display can direct customers to:

💸 Make Contactless Payments

⭐️ Leave Five Star Reviews

📱 Follow Your Social Media Accounts

📧 Join Your Customer List (Virtual card Holder)

💻 Visit Your Website


The other person doesn't need an app to receive your info!


i-b Hub


745,01 HRK

All prices are expressed in kunas and euros with VAT. Official conversion rate: €1 = HRK 7.53450
  • *VAT included

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What i-b card profile includes?
· Virtual card holder · Share back function · Company portal · Unlimited profile editing · Lead generation
Share limitless business & social information in second!
Ib card instantly share anything: Contacts, Photos, Social networks, Applications, Websites and content, YouTube videos, Special Offers ...and more
How it works?
How it works check it here: https://www.ibcard.info/how-it-works/
Compatibility with android and IOS
i-b card smart devices allow you to tap iPhone XR, iPhone XS, all iPhones 11s, all iPhones 12s, all iPhones 13s, all iPhones 14s and most Androids. *Android receivers must have their NFC turned on in their settings. You can also use your QR code to share to any smartphone.

Compatible with iOS

Compatible with Android

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